What is The Status of Your Parent’s Nest Egg?

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The Nest Egg Disappearing Act”

Your parents did the right things – at least as they were taught at the time. They had a very nice nest egg and things were looking pretty secure. They were planning to retire early, or have already retired. They trusted the experts to help make the decisions, they contributed to the 401K, saved, invested in real estate, bought gold, lived below their means, and shopped frugally.

With the recession brought on by the housing bubble, their real estate investments are now upside down, their 401 K depleted, some by as much as 75%.

You may be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but chances are, your parent’s money habits are already engraved and not likely to change easily. So, you may find yourself overwhelmed with hearing about their debt, or you may need to take matters into your own hands to help rebuild their nest egg before their entire existence is built into your budget.

Become more involved in the Nest Egg Protection process:

Hopefully, your parents trust you and will open up about their finances, let you see the check book, and so on.

The experts did a horrible job, yet they bankrolled while our parents lost. That not only p….d me off, but it made me wonder how that was possible. It turns out, these investment Brokers make money on the transaction, regardless of the performance of their investment decisions. The more transactions they process, the more money they make. Cha ching! They don’t really need to care if they make us money or not. The good ones will. Their reputations are on the line, but even then, there are few guarantees with teeth in this business, so even money invested with Warren Buffet Brokers still lose money from time to time.

I took courses and trained as a Paralegal, learned how to Day Trade, got licensed in insurance, and took the course in securities, and hunted till I found a way to earn money in the precious metals industry. I actively went on a self-instruction journey to learn everything I could about money and finances.

To have a nest egg is important because with age comes the need for labor free income and this is when your parents begin to cash in on their retirement fund. In order to help them protect it, there are some action steps I strongly urge you to consider and help them implement, whether you are doing it for them, or using a financial planner.

Protecting the nest egg:

nest egg family treasure heirloomsIdentify and Inventory. What are the treasures? Whatever you are likely to say, rethink it through the eyes of a Katrina, or home-fire victim. Now, let me ask you again. What are the treasures? Is the answer different this time? If you decided that there are some trinkets, pictures, locks of hair, first tooths and any other items that matter to your parents, then as you identify and inventory the treasures – include ways to preserve them as well. Of course, the traditional stuff like jewelry and land titles count as well – but I just wanted you to think this through, because protecting your nest egg is the process of protecting your legacy. For the Christian, this is an important question to ask and answer because the Bible says Luke 12:21 “So is he [ a fool] that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God”, and in verse 34 “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Diversify. I agree with Tony Robbins’ suggestion to have 3 buckets: (a) a security bucket; with low risk investing (b) a growth bucket; with riskier, higher returns promised adventures, and (c) a dream bucket; where money is put toward the cool, just because stuff your parents want. Their risk tolerance will determine how that money is divide up that money, but do not ignore this strategy. The all your eggs in one basket – no matter how sure a thing it is, may as well be called gambling. The game here is PROTECTING.

nest egg growth money invest gold coins finances savingLearn about Money. You don’t have to be an expert at art to know I am telling you garbage if I say blue and red make yellow. Basic fundamental knowledge will allow you to have your ears and mind ready to filter out the industry noise and know when you are being sold ice even though you live in Alaska. Have you heard the saying, when the rich and the experienced get together, the rich get experience and the experienced gets rich?

Your parents know what level of risk they can tolerate. They know the goals they have for their nest egg money. Even if they use a professional, they have every right to dictate how they handle the account, to demand a review of their stewardship, and to hold them to a higher standard. There is no reason to avoid learning how to help your parents handle their money. You may need to help them understand what the experts are saying.

Insure. Well, stuff happens; and if they are insured, they are covered! Insurance is one of the area many are tight fisted about, and unless mandated (as in auto insurance), some would never voluntarily buy insurance. Too late is the cry if your parents find themselves in a situation where insurance would have saved them from absolute loss; what is worse, with a crisis in their history, it may now find it impossible to find insurance no matter how much they are willing to pay. Insurance is JUST IN CASE protection, and no matter how much is paid into it, if the policy ever has to pay on a claim, the claim is usually way more than was put in, and way less than if your parents would need to be out of pocket.
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gold and silver bars bullionBuy gold and silver. Cash is devaluing faster than you could fill a bath tub. Has your parents considered using money (cash) to buy money (gold and silver), to make more money (profits as the value holds against the dollar, or increases) ? It just makes sense. Almost any portfolio will have investments in some form of gold and silver today. Personally, I hold the actual asset and not the paper printed ink version called a statement from some institution. Numismatic coins, bars and ungraded coins are tangible, easy to liquidate, and portable.

Secure it. Meet with a lawyer, financial planner or banker to discuss if transferring their nest egg assets to a Trust is right for them; keeping valuables and important documents – such as a will, deeds, gold, etc, in a bank safety deposit box, or a home safe, or keeping it off shore in a secret, investment friendly country are just some of the strategies that should be considered.

secure your stuff with a home or gun safe


Create a Will and Living Trust


To your Debt Free Wealth!

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How to Avoid or Minimize the Probate Process.

How to Avoid or Minimize the Probate Process:

Prefer to listen rather than read? The content of this blog and more is available in my Debt Free Wealth Radio archives.  A link appears further down in this blog.

No matter who you are, or how your life works out – the common denominator for us all is death.  It is not an IF, but a WHEN – and ignoring it has never been a strategy that makes it go away.  Ignoring the reality of death leads to disastrous departures.

For the adult children left behind, the loss of a parent, no matter how old at death, is traumatic.  However, this trauma can be further escalated when that person, during their lifetime,  ignored simple action steps to reduce this inevitable pain for those left behind. Parents and caregivers that takes their responsibility to provide seriously, often look ahead to the future and plan for the what ifs, as well as their desired goals.

As morbid as it may seem at the time, preparing a will, taking out life insurance, and other strategies we will discuss later, are loving steps taken now,  just in case – so those left behind won’t have chaos added to their grief at an unexpected passing.

probate will final plansDividing up the treasures of a lost love is a difficult process.   Before the funeral service is over, it seems the ‘vultures’ are already gathering to preview and fight over the bounty or the slim pickings of the dearly departed. Uncle Sam is also standing by for his share.

Here is a news clip on that:

“Pennsylvania families currently pay inheritance taxes essentially on the first dollar of value of the decedent’s taxable estate. Since many farmers are land rich, but cash poor, they may be forced to sell off assets or farmland in order to pay off inheritance taxes. Such action can reduce the productivity of the farm and threaten its viability in the future,” said PFB President Carl T. Shaffer.

Thankfully, state Representative Stephen Bloom (Republican) sponsored a bill to correct this wrong, helping to preserve Pennsylvania family wealth.

Today we are chatting with Florida Lawyer, Liz Potts  who will share tips and strategies for holding on to more, by learning how to protect family assets from Probate and Death Taxes.

This is a natural follow up to our prior discussion with Liz titled, Helping Our Retired Parents.  Have you had ‘The Conversation’?  If you missed that show, please check our show archives.

The issues discussed here are to help generate urgent family conversations, because the families that have this discussion now will have the least chaos when their parent, or parents die.

Upon death, in addition to the shock and grief, panic tends to set in because of the unanswered questions. Does mom or dad have money to pay for this funeral?  How can we get to it? Do they have a will?  How will mom or dad cope now that their spouse has gone? Are they functionally and financially capable of continuing on, or will I need to step in and help?  How will I afford to help my surviving parent? And so on…

So, following up on our discussion Helping Our Retired Parents. Have you had ‘The Conversation’?, we now pick up at the point after the funeral is over.

Now the estate of the decease comes up for review and distribution.

My main goal today is to help this audience avoid or limit Probate as much as possible.  Going through the Probate process is time consuming, depletes the estate, deprives the heirs, and in general, adds to the grief.

8 Ways to Avoid Probate

Let me open the floor now to Liz as she helps us understand Probate and why taking action now, is the best way to go.

Please listen to this radio broadcast to hear Liz address these issues below:

Listen to internet radio with dfwb2011 on Blog Talk Radio


    • What is Probate?
    • Probate can be avoided.  What are some ways we can avoid the probate process all together?
    • Let us talk about life insurance for a moment.  As you know, I sell life insurance so please tell us, how having a life insurance policy helps avoid probate.
    • What is the biggest benefit to having a will with regards to the Probate process?
    • What would trigger a Probate to happen?
    • What is a Personal Representative, and who would qualify for this job?
    • If a parent selects one of their adult children to be the Personal Representative, does this limit that person’s ability to benefit equally from the other siblings?
    • Once Probate begins, what is the average time frame for family members to be able to take possession of their portion of the estate?
    • Does the size of your estate influence the process? (small estate v. large estate)
    • What if someone does not have a will, how is the probate process different?
    • What if a married couple already had their partner’s name on bank accounts, property titles, and so on – what happens when one of the partners passes away?
    • What if both partners die in the same accident?
    • In the time of deep grief, the ‘vultures’ so to speak, come sniffing around to see what of an estate they might be able to claim.  Inevitably, there are EXes, ‘disowned’ children, unknown children born in secret, undocumented promises to others; what are some of the strategies or documents families can put in place to ensure the family assets are protected from these outsiders?
    • What if someone has special needs children, or other dependents?
    • In this day of Do-it-Yourself TV and other self-help products, is this process DIY possible, and why would it still be a good idea to use the services of a Lawyer.

Nolo’s Simple Will Book

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Have you had ‘the conversation’ with your parents?


Helping you help your retired parents

Your parents are now 65 or older, and retirement is imminent or already started.  The tick tock of the life clock now seems louder than ever.  Your parent seem to have more invitations to funerals than weddings and their mortality is ever on their minds; and now for the first time – on yours too!  

Prefer to Listen than read? This content and more is available on this Debt Free Radio link. Click to listen.

Listen to internet radio with dfwb2011 on Blog Talk Radio

What if…???  What if….?  What if…?

helping retired parents So if your parent gets ill and needs care, will they come live with you? Do they have Life Insurance in place to bring care to them in their own home?  Are they open to living in an Assisted Living Facility (ALF)? Do you even know?  Many families are destroyed because of the unmet expectations surrounding these issues.

If your parent dies, do you know if there is enough money to pay for a decent farewell? Will you have to dip into your funds or credit card to make it happen?  This issue alone has turned a sad farewell into a resentful, angry send off.

Do your parents have a will in place?  Is it a current depiction of their current assets?  If an old will gives the now Ex spouse all the goodies because the will was not updated – will that be ok with you?  Is there money to pay Uncle Sam his share of the wealth in death taxes, or will you have to sell of Momma’s heirloom gold watch to pay it?  This issue has changed those left behind from grieving siblings, to eternal enemies.

Many families avoid these important discussions and then scramble to deal with the end result, an avoidance dance that creates stress and destroys families.  A lot of debt is created when the needs and care of aging parents becomes the responsibility of their adult children and no strategy is in place in anticipation of this time.

Debt Free Wealth Building, Corp., is a non-profit money education organization helping those who desire it, achieve debt free wealth by deleting debt, building wealth, and protecting family assets.  This website as well as www.debtfreewealth.org, offers resources to the 35-50 year old adult children of aging parents as they seek help their retired parents continue to live an independent, or comfortable life in their retirement years.

Please visit this site again, or look around now that you are here and see if we already have the resource you need, and if not – please send us your request so we can address this area of need if applicable.


Trudy Beerman


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Retirement Funding. Egging the Nest.

This content was covered on DEBT FREE WEALTH RADIO.  Listen as you read:

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Today’s discussion comes  from the category of Building Wealth  and the topic of today’s show is:  Retirement Funding. Egging the Nest.

This is a great follow up to content we had here


If you are getting the ‘you are going to be grandparents’ warnings from your kids, noticing yet another wrinkle on your not as youthful face, worrying about the craziness of menopause, how to hide your eroding hairline, dying your hair not for a change in your look, but to drown out the greys, if you are paying extra attention to the Viagra commercials, and shopping in the upgrade isle for your big boy toys, then you should already have the foundations of your retirement nest in place.  Now you absolutely need to sure your retirement nest is full of money eggs.

Now, my husband and I are in this group and as we watch our aging parents age, we are painfully aware that time is not kind to the body, so there can be no lollygagging on the retirement planning folks.
There will come that day when you are unable to work anymore regardless of your willingness or need to do so.  The nightmare many of us have is to find ourselves at mandatory retirement, weak, with health issues and broke. Many of us have children we hope we never have to live with, and others of us have children who hope we never have to live with them.

Have you ever been in an Adult Living Facility? I have, several times.  It may be the right option for some of us later on, but I am willing to bet none of us are in a hurry to get there.  The smell of urine permeates the hallways.  The loneliness on the faces of the forgotten as families go about their lives not bothering to check if you are being well taken care of.

The more money you have as you enter retirement, the better you can navigate those days because money is a very powerful tool.  Time flies, and before you know it, retirement is no longer in our future, it is our now.   So let us dig deeper into those strategies for putting more and more money eggs into our nest.

Because our generation is dealing with the challenges of our aging parents, most of Debt Free Wealth’s retirement focus is on helping us, help our parents.  Today, I am shifting that focus to preparing us for when we become our parents.

Social Security is the single largest source for American retirement funding and for too many, it is the ONLY source.  Do you have all your retirement eggs in the Social Security Administration basket?  How much you will get at retirement depends a lot on how much you contributed during your working years.  I want to caution entrepreneurs to decide now, if you intend to get a monthly stipend from social security then you need to have your accountant help you contribute now, because that habit of handling your gross cash as your personal spending money puts a lot of good businesses out of existence and robs you of the chance to participate in the social security pot later.  If you want to know where you stand with regards to your future social security payout, that information is available to you at  https://www.socialsecurity.gov/

In an Aug 15, 2012 article on http://finance.yahoo.com/news/increase-social-security-checks-154451281.html  How to Increase Your Social Security Checks According to the article,  there are some steps you can take now to maximize your social security income later :

  • Make sure your work counts.
  • Work for at least 35 years
  • Earn more
  • Wait until your full retirement age
  • Delay claiming until age 70
  • Claim twice
  • Include family
  • Claim on an ex-spouses’s record
  • Don’t earn too much in retirement
  • Minimize Social Security taxes
  • Maximize survivor’s benefits
  • Sign up for direct deposit

Now I won’t go into all these points but I do want to highlight some.

    1. Make sure your work counts. The Social Security Administration began offering the option to view Social Security statements online on May 1. It’s important to check your online Social Security statement annually.
    2. Wait until your full retirement age.”To get the full payout you are entitled to, claim Social Security at your full retirement age. That’s age 66 for most baby boomers and 67 for people born in 1960 or later. If you sign up before your full retirement age, your monthly payments will be permanently reduced.”  Now here is where you may want to have a discussion with your financial adviser.  You want to have a discussion on whether or not there are any benefits to you to claim at the earliest opportunity, wait for the full retirement age, or postpone till age 70.  Social Security information is going to encourage  you to delay when you start collecting, but that delay may or may not be to your advantage.  For example, if you follow their suggestion and use up your savings while you delay your collecting social security, then not only will your savings be depleted or gone and you have no way to restore that, but when your benefits do kick in, it may be inadequate to support you, but you will have no other income source because you depleted your savings while you waited to collect social security.  This option of waiting is not for everyone, but it is for some, so you need to decide ahead of time, what you will do.  The daycare I take my son to, she decided to wait to collect, but her health took a turn for the worse and she really should not be working so she does not add to her health complications and give her body the rest she needs to recuperate and reduce her symptoms. However, that decision to delay now forces her to continue working and she is already regretting that decision.
    3. Delay claiming until age 70. After your full retirement age, your monthly payments will increase by 8 percent for each year you delay claiming up until age 70.   After age 70, there is no additional benefit to further delaying claiming.
    4. Don’t earn too much in retirement.   Another good reason to decide when you plan to make your social security claim is the fact that if you are able to work and decide to continue working, then your earned income will impact your social security income.  If you work and claim Social Security benefits at the same time, some of your benefit may be temporarily withheld if you earn too much.   Once you reach the month of your full retirement age, there are no restrictions on how much you can earn while receiving benefits and your payments will be recalculated to reflect the withheld payments.
    5. Minimize Social Security taxes. Your Social Security payout may be taxable, depending on how much income you will have in retirement. If the sum of your adjusted gross income, nontaxable interest, and half of your Social Security benefits is between $25,000 and $34,000 ($32,000 and $44,000 for couples), income tax could be due on up to 50 percent of your benefits. If those three items total more than $34,000 ($44,000 for couples), up to 85 percent of your Social Security income may be taxable.  Ouch!  Do you need any more incentive to find alternatives to social security?  They will tax away everything you have at 85% during a time when you need money more than ever!  Another indication that the quality of life you are being set up to enjoy if you plan to live on social security is very limited.

Social Security Retirement Guide Click Here!


What kind of money you will need to have coming in to maintain the lifestyle you plan to have during those years when working is not really an option for you?  You may be interested in the NEST EGG ESTIMATOR Android app for $1.99

So if social security is not going to be available to you, or insufficient for the quality of life you intend to have during retirement,  how will you add eggs to the nest?

  1. Set aside a bigger portion of your funds now to escalate your retirement account.
  2. Cut costs now to have more available to save for later
  3. Move to another town or country where cost of living is less (international options as well)
  4. Find better alternatives to grow your money
  5. Explore your passion, retirement hobby now and look for ways to monetize it.
  6. Work more now, or retire later.

1.  Set aside a bigger portion of your funds now to escalate your retirement account.
Many of us live above our means and live in the DEBT zone.   It is not even enough to live within our means, because that means there is no $ left over to save or invest with. We must live below our means and create a financial cushion.  Years ago I never thought it possible to save money, but this economic recession forced me to tap into those dormant skills and for example, in 2006 my monthly grocery bill for my family of 4 was$1200-$1300, now it is 50% less and we are eating much better because I shop for less snacks and cook more.

debt free retirement Well if your retirement plan is being hampered by your debt load, while today’s show is not about debt, let me quickly recommend The Debt Free Miracle Click Here!




Cut costs now to have more available to save for later

Unfortunately, with healthcare improvements, many of us will outlive our retirement income.  I have a friend that looked ahead and realized the only way to fund her retirement years was to seriously cut back on their quality of life now while they had the health and strength to better tolerate some discomforts.  It seems a steep sacrifice to me, but they opted to sell their home which they owned free and clear, live in their RV.  Both are self employed and run their business from any laptop, anywhere so they have the freedom to try this experiment.  The decision is to invest the funds from the sale of their home to ensure they have money later.

Move to another town or country where cost of living is less (international options as well)In an article on US News titled:  10 Places to Retire on Social Security Alone  http://money.usnews.com/money/retirement/slideshows/10-places-to-retire-on-social-security-alone  reads, “The average monthly Social Security benefit was $1,179 in March 2011. A couple who each earns that amount would have a retirement income of $28,296 annually. Here are a few places where the median household income is lower than the average Social Security benefit for a two-earner couple.”   It lists 10 US towns with median household incomes less than $28,296.

I have a subscription to International Living, an eNewsletter that keeps me up to date on international retirement options.  There are lots of international locations that welcome US retirees.  Right now, we are researching Belize as a possible hiatus to have a better quality of life on a significantly reduced income.  However, there are many things that go into a decision, like access to good health care and so on, so our research continues.  Many Americans have abdicated life in America for Panama, Puerto Rico, and some to smaller, quieter towns within the USA.  It is fun to start thinking about that now, so your vacations can be scouting trips as you visit these locations with an eye for whether it could be a possible new home for you. I promise you will get more out of your vacation when you go armed with this mindset.

Find better alternatives to grow your money
Now is the time for a review of your 401K, IRA, and any other financial package you have out there.  Check up on your Broker.  Don’t allow them to relax because you are not keeping them accountable for how they are handling the money you entrust to them.
For the do-it-yourselfers who like to have a bit more hands on, you may already be doing some of these things:
Real estate.  The kids are gone, and you have unused bedrooms.  Those spare rooms could become an income source in the form of rental income.  When I was in college, I rented my room from a retiree; my neighbor one block away from me, rents a room to another retiree.
If you can get the loan, since those are difficult to come by these days, now is an awesome time to buy a rental property and cash flow on it right away considering the average rental rates and the price of property for sale.
Gold and silver.  Well, I can’t say enough about this. I love the stuff and I could talk about it all day, so let me tell you to make sure you listen in on September 21, when I will be doing a show with Registered Financial Planner Bill Constain who was also the Founding Executive Member and Chairman of the Advisory Board of a powerful Network marketing company, Preservation of Wealth for which I am an independent Representative.  In the mean time, gold and silver are awesome alternatives to saving your cash.  Personally, I have full control of our retirement income as we moved it out of the hands of those who crashed our 401K and other investments, and we pretty much save in gold and silver now.  We buy consistently, and are holding it until retirement or death which ever comes first.

Bank on yourself is a financial process that includes owning life insurance policies with riders that create guaranteed growth, from which you can fund your life expenses and be your own bank. We did a show on this earlier, where we interviewed  Peter Garcia, my mentor.  As some of you may know, I am a licensed Life insurance Representative, in addition to my many credentials within the financial services industry.  When it comes to planning for retirement, I truly am a resource for you by way of educational content, professional services, and resources we bring to your attention.

Explore your passion, retirement hobby now and look for ways to monetize it. Eg. I plan to take cooking and photography classes when I retire because with more time on my hands, I plan to travel and will be a travel writer, and I expect I will entertain more and want to do it in style.

Work more now, or retire later (overtime, part time job, work from home, business opp)
I believe the ideal situation is having multiple streams of income.  Even better is residual income and passive income.

Now some of you may need a mindset adjustment.  To help you with that, here is another resource for you
use affiliate code

So, did we do it?  Did we deliver value to you today?  If so, we would appreciate you giving us some love in return in the form of clicking the LIKE button, and following our show.
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Forget your debts by joining hands with a Christian debt consolidator

Author’s Bio: Martha Jackson loves to write financial articles and she is a contributory writer associated with the Debt Consolidation Care Community and has written several articles on debt consolidation, debt settlement and get out of debt for various financial websites. She holds her expertise in the Debt industry and has made significant contribution through her various articles.

Martha may be contacted @ martha.jackson815@gmail.com


Are you head over heels in credit card debt? If you have too many credit cards and your accounts are being turned down to the collection agencies only to make your life hell, you should take immediate steps to bring yourself out of the debt hole. But what are the ways in which you can get out of debt and also save money in the long run? Christian debt consolidation is one of the best debt relief options that you can take resort to when you feel it necessary to reduce your debt and also save money at the same time. Are you aware of the differences between a traditional debt consolidation and a Christian debt consolidation company? If answered no, read on.

Christians and their perception of credit card debt

The Christians believe in serving one Master, God. But when a person incurs credit card debt, he serves two masters, God and the creditors and this is against the Biblical principles. So, when you approach a Christian debt consolidation company, you can expect the Christian debt consultant to assist you in not only getting out of debt and becoming a true Christian but also helps him adapt certain strategies to stay out of debt too. This, according to them, makes a person a true Christian who abides by the Biblical principles.

In what way does the Christian debt consolidation company help you repay debt?

When you get help from a Christian debt consolidation company, the debt consultant will offer you some particular services through which you can relieve yourself of the debt worries. Here are some of them.

He will assess your present situation: The first step that they’ll take is to assess your present financial situation so that they know what is keeping you from making the monthly payments on time. They will check the total amount of debt that you owe, the interest rates that you’re paying and the due dates. They will also check the monthly income that you earn so that they know your present financial affordability.

He will negotiate with your creditors: The debt consultant will negotiate with your creditors and attempt to revise the terms and conditions of the debt account. You can stop making further payments as the consultant will do everything on your behalf.

He will lower the interest rates: As he relates your financial hardship to the creditors, they will lower the interest rates and the monthly payments on the accounts to make repayment easy and affordable.

You have to make a single monthly payment: Instead of making multiple payments, you just have to make a single monthly payment to the debt consolidation company and this will be disbursed off to your creditors in due time.

So, when debt repayment and saving money is your aim, you should choose to join hands with a Christian debt consolidation company. Get best debt help from such companies and live debt free.

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